Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need SupplyNZ: Fighting the war against COVID-19?

New Zealand is currently in a state of emergency, trying to fight the war against COVID-19. For us to be successful in this fight, we need to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the virus as well as elevate the capacity of New Zealand’s healthcare system. SupplyNZ: Fighting the war against COVID-19 helps to address the latter by creating a directory of local makers, suppliers and producers who we can easily mobilise in the event New Zealand’s supply chain comes under immense pressure.

2. Is this a government initiative?

No, this is a non-government initiative. The SupplyNZ: Fighting the war against COVID-19 website is managed by the Wellington-based think tank McGuinness Institute. We expect there will be a range of similar platforms available. Some will be quite specific whereas our goal is to provide a wide, open and organic marketplace for people to connect. We think it’s important that you connect with any platform that you become aware of.

3. Do I need to be a company to be involved?

No, we welcome any individual or company to share their contribution. Our success to date has been as much driven by individuals offering ideas and expertise as those from medium sized companies.

4. What happens once I register my business?

Your registration details (which only includes your first name, location and the healthcare products you have an interest in) will be publicly listed on the SupplyNZ Register (see it here) within 24 hours. You will then receive a follow up call or email from one of the McGuinness Institute’s team to further discuss and understand your business capabilities and capacity to help.

5. How do we connect with others on the register?

The team at SupplyNZ: Fighting the war against COVID-19 can facilitate a mutual connection at your request – this is on an all care but no responsibility basis. Please email us on with the details of the person you would like to connect with. We will then email that person and ask permission to share their details with you.

6. How has the inventory list been compiled?

This inventory list has been compiled based on World Health Organization and local healthcare professionals’ recommendations. As the situation continues to change, so too do the inventory requirements. We will update this list regularly.

7. How long will the SupplyNZ: Fighting the war against COVID-19 register be active?

We will continue to operate the SupplyNZ Register until it is no longer needed. It is too early to make that call but we will re-assess the need every few weeks. The SupplyNZ Register will definitely remain fully manned while New Zealand is in a state of emergency.

8. Where can I find industry standards/guidance for the production of PPE?

Face mask standards can be found here
Hand sanitiser standards can be found here
International Organization for Standardization information can be found here
A list of relevant ISO standards can be found on the Standards New Zealand website here